From the Director


Welcome to the website of the Texas Region of the Classic Car Club of America.  Here you will find an active group of Classic Era automotive enthusiasts dedicate to having fun, helping other members with their cars and promoting those cars which the CCCA celebratesas Full Classics®. These cars represent the ultimatein motoring excellence. Please explore our websiteto see what we have to offer in the way of activities and events. We have an informal breakfast the 4th Saturday every month in the Dallas area along with monthly activities ranging from garage tours, to an annual chili cook-off to a casual car show and lunch every year where we drive all kinds of fun cars and unveilthe new Full Classics® acquired by members of the regionin the past year. Local and overnight tours allow us to enjoy our cars on the road—where they belong. You don’t have to owna classic car to join our region or the CCCA–just an interest in the cars. Come join a fun group of fellow car nuts.

Al Kroemer

Regional Director