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Fellow CCCA members,

Now that Halloween is behind us, the holidays have officially begun!  As I consider and count how many of these seasons I have enjoyed, I’m beginning to feel a little like a classic, myself, though assuredly with only a lower-case “c.” But this time of year also means the weather is often at those optimal temperatures where it is a joy to drive an un-air-conditioned car, windows and/or top down, perhaps with the heater on, around the streets of town.  I have some favorite routes in Fort Worth, as I’m sure you do where you live, where I enjoy cruising leisurely in one of my automobiles, honking and waving to people I pass.  I also make it a point every year to drive an antique to Thanksgiving Dinner, to Christmas parties, to Christmas Eve service, to Christmas Dinner, etc.  Since a sleigh in these parts just creates sparks, an old car is the closest thing I’ve got to create a Hallmark moment of my own (One thing I don’t do is strap a Christmas tree to the roof — I’ll leave that “sappy” image to the cards and movies!).  It is, however, a belief of mine that I’m adding to others’ holidays and making moments memorable for people I don’t even know by driving a car with character.  I’ve even strewn one with battery-operated lights before, and you should see the smiles that generates!  So, give your communities a gift by sharing your four-wheeled beauties.  Everyone benefits.  It’s the holiday spirit!

I also wanted to thank everyone who attended our annual meeting at the Dallas Country Club, whose beautiful setting we get to enjoy thanks to the membership of Jill (and Bill) Kimball.  It was a delicious lunch, and the cars looked beautiful all lined up in the parking lot outside.  I never take for granted the accomplishment it is to get a car cleaned up and driven to a gathering, especially when coming from another city.  Special thanks to those who brought their Classics.®

At the meeting, I was unable to announce the winners in our recent election for Board of Managers, because the ballot count was still too close to call.  Well, the tallies are now complete, and I would like to congratulate and welcome to the board for a three-year term Bill Kimball, Al Kramer, and David Oberle.  I know they will all do a fine job leading our club.  As I am ending my term as Regional Director, the Board will select from among their members my successor.  That will be announced at the Christmas Party.

And speaking of the Christmas Party, we are looking forward to gathering again on Sunday, December 8, at 1:00 PM at Jasper’s Uptown (formerly Abacus), courtesy of owners Bill and Clair Hyde.  I know we will all enjoy that, as we have the previous two years.  Please drive your Classics,® and arrive early for parking lot gum-flapping and tire-kicking — we will have the place to ourselves!

With much holiday cheer,

Chandler Smith
Regional Director


On July 13th the club had two activities. First, we were invited by Fred Cornwall and Dan Harrison to see their “homes away from home” at the Garages of Texas. The garages have become very popular and have sprouted up all over Texas now.

A great place to keep all your toys. Both garages had upstairs lofts to watch TV or take a nap when you get tired of playing with cars.

If you have a big backyard, you can build your own service station and keep your cars there like Chuck Murphy does.

Chuck gave us a tour and answered questions. He started up his Buick so we could see all the moving parts working away.

We had ice cream and other goodies waiting for us inside. And lots of car talk with members of some other vintage car clubs.


On a rainy morning, August 3rd, we went to visit Sam Pack’s museum. Sam has cars stashed all over town. There was a nice group of Full Classics® along with lots of other interesting cars.

An interesting indoor event for a gloomy day.


On September 21-22 we took a tour to Kilgore and member Chuck Conrad’s Texas Broadcast Museum. The museum has something new to look at every time we visit.



October 19th was a perfect Saturday for one of our favorite events.
This year we had 8 debutants on the lawn. As always we toasted them with champagne.
Robert and Julie Bown’s 1941 Cadillac Fleetwood 60 Special
Robert Hand’s 1940 Cadillac
Rick Powell’s 1947 Cadillac Sedanette
Jeff Wilden’s 1930 Packard 733 Club Sedan
Ray Kinney and Pete Sherman’s 1937 Packard 12, 1508
Paul Ridley’s 1934 Chrysler Imperial Airflow
David Oberle’s 1934 Packard 1107 Sedan
Mike and Joy Ames 1940 Cadillac Series 90 V-16 Formal Sedan

The cars were judges for some very silly awards by our judging team of Bill Kimball, Jeff Wilden and Alex Ames. The winners were thrilled with their trophy’s, which are said to rival those at Pebble Beach!!

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